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Only In Ogden

Only In Ogden

Pepsi brings a surprise concert to Ogden with Phillip Phillips

27 August 2014
Published in Music & Events

Phillip Phillips: Thank You | Pepsi | #RealBigSummer

Summit Holds Leadership and Innovation Conference on Powder Mountain

26 July 2013
Published in Business

Last weekend Summit hosted their annual BIG EVENT.  The Summit Series, this time called "Summit Outside".  Summit Outside was a massive event put on by a team who's goal  is to create a platform and a community that fosters collaboration and amplifies the positive impact of global leaders and innovators. Instead of renting a cruise ship for their guests, as they did in year's past, this year Summit outdid themselves this year by buying all the dirt underfoot before the bash... In fact, they bought the entire mountain.   Powder Mountain that is, all 7000 acres of it!

Utah Bike Map

03 May 2013
Published in Maps

Train City Eats at Nates

17 March 2013
Published in Food & Cuisine

Train City Eats hits up Nate’s East Coast Grill. Host Zach Russell tries his hand as a cook and chows down on some of Ogden’s best cheese steaks, burgers, and incredibly good fries.

Train City Eats at Tona

18 March 2013
Published in Food & Cuisine

Train City Eats uncovers how Tona Sushi make’s some of their incredible food. Some things that aren’t even on the menu, and Zach get’s a lesson in all things Sushi.

Train City Eats at Andys

19 March 2013
Published in Food & Cuisine

The best Greek place you may have never heard of. Train City Eats tries out hand cut rib eyes and tender, marinated souvlaki. Meanwhile Zach sits down with a couple of walking legends that changed the face of Greek food in the area.

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