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Saturday, June 15:Rob Richards & The Egyptian's Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ

10 June 2013
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Saturday, June 15, 2013. Perry's Egyptian Theater presented a special evening with world famous organist, Rob Richards. Richards is the resident House Organist at Disney's El Capitan theatre in Hollywood, where he has performed over six-thousand times on the legendary “Mighty Wurlitzer” pipe organ since 1999. This event speaks to the history of the theater, which was originally built as a movie palace in 1924. During its early years, the theater was a common place to screen silent movies with a live organist playing along to the movie.

Rob Richards is not your average theater organist. The evening presented an integration of computer music technology with the pipe organ. This notion can be divisive among the traditionalists in the organ world. However, it crafts a new brand of music in which Rob is conductor, arranger and performer. This inventive advance to keyboard music radically expands the potential of this instrument for future organist and contemporary audiences.

Rob Richards was recognized by the by the American Theatre Organ Society in 2005 with the " Organist of the Year" award.  Richards has performed for multiple Hollywood icons, and has even shared the stage at events with famed stars like Liberace, Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke and Elton John. He has emerged on numerous national TV programs & received praise from critics. Throughout seven international concert tours, his blend of technical ability and personal flair has earned him support spanning the entire world.