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Old North State and Working in Shifts

21 October 2012
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Old North State brought a memorable performance to Ogden providing an evening of unique, lively music that brought us to our feet.

Two local bands, Sammy Brue and Working in Shifts, opened the show, perfectly setting the tone for the rest of the evening.  Old North State, as usual, delivered their best from their fast-paced Bluegrass/Rock tunes to their moving ballads.  The astonishing hit of the night was when Old North State brought on stage young local talent, Sammy Brue, to join in with them.  Energy was kept high all the way throught the end when Old North State, Sammy Brue, and Working in Shifts had a final all star jam.  Brue strummed so hard his fingers began to bleed.  Be sure to cath these guys next time they are in town, you won't be disappointed!

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