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Adventures to Antelope Island

One of the first places we visited when we moved to Utah was Antelope Island. We’re huge fans of State Parks and I was so excited to see the lake, I mean, it is “The GREAT Salt Lake." We loaded up our car, packed some snacks, and took off for the Island.

Time for Toboggans! The Best Sledding Spots in Ogden

Nothing quite rounds out the winter like a sledding trip. Fun for the whole family, and (generally) free – this is a great way for the whole family to enjoy some fresh pow! We haven’t had a whole lot of snow down in the valley this year, but now you are prepared for the next storm! When the flakes fly next, pack up the kids and a thermos of hot cocoa and get sliding! Remember to wear helmets, safety first!

Skirt In The Dirt 2012 - Women's Obstacle Run

Many people wince when they think of an obstable course race. But Skirt in the Dirt was different! Rather than sticking with fabricated mud pits and manufactured obstacle courses, the GOAL Foundation designed a course that is all natural and tons of fun near Fort Buenaventura. Think nature, foilage, the great outdoors, and of course plenty of mud and dirt! The course ran through trees, over obstacles, through water, sand, dirt and mud.