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Get to Know Your Candidates Interview With Peter Clemens

23 April 2014
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Christine Doxey, an intern for Only In Ogden, recently had an interview with our other Democratic Congressional Candidate Peter Clemens, a physician, school board member, and father. Read about his reasons for running and other interesting facts about your candidate.


Q. What made you want to be a candidate (originally)?
A. I believe that if we don't get involved in our country then we have no right to complain about the direction it is heading. I believe our current representative is moving our state and country in the wrong direction and only listens to big money and large important interests, not the individuals in the district. I want everyone to think that they have a voice in their government.

Q. How has being a physician and a school board member given you confidence in this opportunity?
A. The ability to speak with individuals and to work closely with talented people has helped me to feel confident in any and all circumstances. I believe that if a person thinks that they can only learn something from someone who is smarter than themselves then they won't learn very much in life at all.

Q. How has your family supported your decision to run?
A. My family has been terrific! They have always been the most important people in my life, especially my wife Tammy, and have supported me 100% in this race and when I've run for previous offices. We are a tight-nit unit.

Q. What are the three biggest things that you think need to improve the most right now?
A. 1) Grow the economy, especially high-tec sustainable energy and outdoor industry jobs. 2) Provide leadership needed to protect the most important stewardship we have...our community and our natural resources. 3) Improve our education infrastructure. Especially by reducing the cost of borrowing for a college education and providing high quality early childhood education to all of American's children.

Q. Who is your role model?
A. My role models are my mom and dad and President Abraham Lincoln, who I am related to. These three people helped me develop a passion for my country and for the value of every individual.