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Engineering in Ogden ENVE Composites

Ogden is trying to bring new jobs and businesses to the community by making it attractive for light industry and new technology businesses. One area of specific focus has been sporting and outdoors lifestyle companies. ENVE Composites is a bike manufacturer that has gone from a small business to a state and international leader. Their growth from August 2012 when they arrived in Ogden to now, April is astounding with unique designs and employment opportunities.

Engineering in Ogden Volagi

Do you like to bike? But are you one of those people who don't want to compete and just want to enjoy the recreation of bicycling? If so, a relatively new company has moved its headquarters to Ogden. Volagi creates bikes meant for recreational, endurance riding. Ogden City and Volagi are hoping to gain a great support from Ogden and its bikers.

The Infinity Pedal


Sam Hunter, an avid bicyclist, inventor, and engineer has sprung a revolutionary idea called the Infinity Pedal. The Infinity Pedal system "is the easiest and safest clip-less pedal in existence. It includes Infinite Engagement Positions and Self-Guided Engagement. What does that mean to you? Because there is no flat spot on the pedal, the pedals are much easier to get into because the pedal is always on the top Sam is basing this venture in Ogden, Utah.

Summit Holds Leadership and Innovation Conference on Powder Mountain

Last weekend Summit hosted their annual BIG EVENT.  The Summit Series, this time called "Summit Outside".  Summit Outside was a massive event put on by a team who's goal  is to create a platform and a community that fosters collaboration and amplifies the positive impact of global leaders and innovators. Instead of renting a cruise ship for their guests, as they did in year's past, this year Summit outdid themselves this year by buying all the dirt underfoot before the bash... In fact, they bought the entire mountain.   Powder Mountain that is, all 7000 acres of it!

Summit Series Purchases Powder Mountain and Brings Entrepreneurship to the Ogden Area

It has recently been announced that Powder Mountain ski resort has been purchased by the Summit Series, a group of young and passionate entrepreneurs. 

The Forbes article describes the Summit Series' intentions for purchasing the ski resort, "The Summit group, co-founded by Elliott Bisnow , Brett Leve, Jeff Rosenthal and Jeremy Schwartz in 2008, plans to operate Powder Mountain, a long-time local-favorite, for the public just as it has been since the 1970s. The new twist will be a member-only lodge (under construction now) and an event center atop the mountain, and expanded access to adventure skiing and hiking terrain."

Techcrunch.com spoke with an investor, Tim Chang, who has worked with the Summit Series.  He speaks about the potential the group has to promote an entrepreneurial community in a ski resort surrounding. "'One of the best ways to really get to know somebody is to go outside the boardroom, go outside the pitch meeting, and get outside of just the conferences,' says Chang, who sees the new mountain village as a place to gather potential partners with an eclectic crowd for some secluded big thinking. 'The community portion — the networking, the people — that could be even more valuable than just the straight return on investment for a vacation property.'"

The Summit Series has already held several conferences and events at their temporary lodge in Ogden Valley, but are looking forward to making Powder Mountain their year round home. 

Startup Weekend Ogden

Ogden played host to over 150 entreprenurs, developers and new business visionaries at Startup Weekend Ogden this past week.

Allegiant brings commercial air to Ogden

Beginning September 20, 2012, Allegiant Air will offer weekly non-stop flights connecting Ogden, UT to Phoenix/Mesa, AZ. For booking and flight information visit www.AllegiantAir.com or call the Ogden Airport for more details.

HomeDepot.com opens a customer center in Ogden.

One of HomeDepot.com's two worldwide customer service and sales centers has taken up residence at the Business Depot Ogden.

Hilton Garden Inn Grand Opening

Ogden's new Hilton Garden Inn celebrated their grand opening by featuring speakers from the local community. Ogden City Mayor Mike Caldwell as well as Kevin Garn, Dave Webster and Hilton general manager Matt Seamons all spoke before the ribbon was cut and the doors opened.